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Saeh Al-Sahra is the sole source for all your Electrical equipment needs. We have the required expertise and the needed resources to provide any and all electrical equipment or utility that you may require; to include the following special electrical components:

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Lighting
  • Panels
  • Cables (light and heavy)
  • Fittings

Or the following general purpose devices:

  • AC Refrigeration
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Filters
  • Heating
  • TV
  • Tents

SSG is committed to supplying all your electrical needs even if it may require provision from foreign sources.


Past Performance Relating to Electric items
Date: July 14th 2006
Provided by Saeh Al-Sahra Group Inc.
No. Contracting office Contract number Date Contracting officer Email or phone
1 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-1332 7/10/2006 Maj. Paulin joseph.paulin@iraq.centcom.mil
2 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-1287 6/29/2006 Maj. Paulin joseph.paulin@iraq.centcom.mil
3 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-1256 6/21/2006 Maj. Paulin joseph.paulin@iraq.centcom.mil
4 MNFI Taji W91GFC-06-M-0132 4/2/2006 Maj. Baker houston.baker@taji.sig54.army.mil
5 MNFI Baghdad W91GET-06-M-0802 12/9/2005 Maj.Robare william.robare@us.army.mil
6 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-0419 12/27/2005 Luzmial George luzmila.george@iraq.centcom.mil
7 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-0042 10/17/2005 MSG Tisha Fitch tisha.fitch@iraq.centcom.mil
8 MNFI Victory W27P4C-05-M-1701 6/28/2005 Mr. Tom Ray  
9 MNFI Victory W27P4C-05-M-1965 6/23/2005 SSGT Rivera maria.rivera@iraq.centcom.mil
10 MNFI Victory W27P4C-05-M-1782 5/18/2005 SSGT Rivera maria.rivera@iraq.centcom.mil
11 MNFI Victory W27P4C-05-M-1404 5/18/2005 Maj. Paulin joseph.paulin@iraq.centcom.mil
12 Camp Taji W27P4H-05-M-0416 7/28/2005 CPT Leath donald_leath@yahoo.com
13 MNFI Victory W27P4C-05-M-1806 7/16/2005 SSGT Rivera maria.rivera@iraq.centcom.mil
14 Camp Taji W27P4H-05-M-0481 9/6/2005 Donald Leath donald_leath@yahoo.com


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