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Saeh AL-Sahra Group is the leading supplier of construction materials and aggregates in central Iraq.

Saeh AL-Sahra Group specializes in providing all required construction materials needed by the industry. We offer a wide range of construction materials that amongst others include;

  • gravel
  • sand
  • limestone
  • riverrock
  • subbase
  • dirt
  • drywalls
  • lumber
  • steel plates
  • Wood-Metal-PVC
  • Paint-Tile-Carpet

Construction material quality is key to the eventual performance and reliability of buildings and civil infrastructure. As such all of our materials meet European and international standards; as attested by previous clients. Advanced construction materials can provide a number of important benefits, including improved strength and durability, better response in natural disasters and fire, environmental sensitivity, and even an ability to monitor condition and control the structure.

Saeh AL-Sahra is also the main supplier of wood and metal products in Iraq. Saeh AL-Sahra mines all types of aggregates in different parts of Iraq by power MHEs, subsequently processing the materials by fracturing and screening it into various size categories, and finally washing the materials in preparation for use.

Saeh AL-Sahra Group also specializes in the production and installation of a variety of force protection barriers which are produced in accordance with international standard in SSG plants.

  • Construction of Texas barriers
  • Construction of bunkers
  • Construction of Jersey Barriers
  • Construction of T-wall Barriers

Saeh AL-Sahra is extensively involved in this sector accumulating abundant experience and expertise having supplied contractors in Camp Anaconda, Camp Taji, Camp Caldwell and KBR Baghdad for the last two years. We also produce quality sand, stone, and gravel.

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