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Past Performances (Construction)

  • Supply of 4500 concrete barriers for recent election in Baghdad
    Contract No. W27P4B-05-M-0934 and W27P4B-05-M-0933

  • Supply of 650 T-wall Barriers for Camp Victory
    Contract No. W27P4H-05-M-0371

  • Have a BPA to supply concrete barriers for Camp Victory

  • Supply of 28000 cubic meters of gravel for KBR at Taji
    Contract No. PT00652

  • Supply of 10000 cubic meters of gravel for Abu Ghoreib
    Contract No. W27P4B-05-M-0841

  • Supply of 10000 cubic meters of gravel for Camp Caldwell
    Contract No. W27P4E-05-M-0626

  • Supply of 17000 cubic meters of gravel for Camp Anaconda
    Contract No. W27P4E-05-M-0410 and W27P4E-05-M-0800

  • Currently have a contract to supply 80000 cubic meters of gravel for Camp Victory
    Contract No. W91GEU-06-P-0242

  • Supply of 8000 cubic meters of gravel and sub-base to build a living site plus manufacturing 30 containers in Camp Victory (CECOM)
    Contract No. W27P4C-05-M-2004

List of recent major contracts:

  • Building of CECOM site in camp victory consisting of 30 living containers, fully furnished with all water, electrical and sewage piping system on an area of 13000 sq. meters
    Contract No. W27P4C-05-M-2004 camp victory contracting office
    Starting Date: Aug 10th 2005, finished: Dec.29th 2005

  • Manufacture and installation of prefabricated cooling rooms for Abu Ghoreib Camp
    Contract No. W27P4B-05-M-1372, finished Nov 2005

  • Supply of 4500 concrete barriers for recent election in Baghdad
    Contract No. W27P4B-05-M-0934 and W27P4B-05-M-0933

Some other fields of work that have been conquered are building Prefabricated Containers with different standards and also taking in mind the installation.

In other aspects which have successfully been approved of are Printing projects. The aim of these projects is to manufacture Traffic signs, warning signs, printing tickets, pamphlets and much more.


Past Performance Relating to Concrete Barriers
Date: Aug 25th 2006
Provided by Saeh Al-Sahra Group Inc.
No. Contracting office Contract number Date Contracting officer Email or phone
1 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-1397 7/22/2006 Pamel Theorgood pamela.theorgood@iraq.centcom.mil
2 OCF Balad H92236-06-P-4343 5/27/2006 Gary Kothman baladko@gmail.com
3 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-1369 7/7/2006 Maj Greer joel.greer@iraq.centcom.mil
4 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-0880 4/11/2006 Maj. Paulin joseph.paulin@iraq.centcom.mil
5 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-0890 4/11/2006 Maj. Paulin joseph.paulin@iraq.centcom.mil
6 MNFI Victory W91GEU-06-P-0892 4/13/2006 Maj Cantrell joel.greer@iraq.centcom.mil
7 MNFI Baghdad W27P4B-05-M-0933 8/25/2005 Major Robare anthony.maneri@iraq.centcom.mil
8 MNFI Baghdad W27P4B-05-M-0934 8/25/2005 Major Robare anthony.maneri@iraq.centcom.mil
9 MNFI Baghdad W27P4B-05-M-0978 9/28/2005 Major Robare anthony.maneri@iraq.centcom.mil
10 MNFI Taji W27P4H-05-M-0371 7/2/2005 Donald Leath donald_leath@yahoo.com
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