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In recent years Saeh AL-Sahra Group has been extensively involved in providing construction solutions; playing an active role in the nation's reconstruction efforts.

SSG's past performance in this regard includes provision of several force protection solutions to various governmental and military institutions.

Saeh AL-Sahra takes pride in having contributed to the security of recent elections by providing force protection solutions for several polling stations.


Projects, Iraq

Project: Supply and delivery and installation of 4500 T-walls and Jersey barriers in 230 locations for Baghdad Election

Contract Number: W27P4B-05-M-0934

Project Location:325 poles in Baghdad

Contracting Office/Owner: MAJ William Robare

Contract Duration: One month

Contract Start Date: Sep 2005

Contract Completion Date: Oct 2005

Project Description: Supply, delivery, and emplacement of a total quantity of two thousand five hundred (2500) Jersey barriers and one thousand (1000) T-Walls and barriers for immediate security upgrades to various locations in the Al Rasheed District of Baghdad.

Experience Narrative: We have a long experience of manufacturing strong protection barriers.
Reinforcement of barriers with 2 layers of deformed 12mm rebars makes the barriers sufficiently strong. Rebars are spaced not more than 200 mm on center horizontally and vertically. Reinforcement shall not be placed until the prepared site has been inspected and approved. After placement of the reinforcement, concrete shall not be placed until the reinforcement has been inspected and approved by the Engineer. We use very strong type of cement plus 3/4" crushed and washed gravel and quality sand to achieve at least 4000 PSI strength in the concrete. Since we are a group of 3 companies one of which is a general transportation company with 18 years of experience in Iraq, we have a high capability to transport the barriers on daily basis.
Our site-managers are English speaking graduated from top universities in Baghdad or USA and have a long experience in management of construction projects in Iraq.

Past Performance Narrative: Recommendation from different US Army commanders in last 3 years is a proof of our capabilities and commitments. Some of these recommendations are attached.

Project: Supply, deliver and spread 52000 cubic meters of crushed gravel to Victory Base Complex 17thFA BDE, Garrison Command DPW

Contract Number: W91GEU-06-P-0242

Project Location:Camp Liberty and Victory, Baghdad

Contracting Office/Owner: MAJ Gill

Contract Duration: Four months

Contract Start Date: Dec 19th 2005

Contract Completion Date: April 30th

Project Description:1 to 2 crushed gravel, delivered to specific locations on Victory Base Complex, placed and spread with a final grade.

Experience Narrative:Execution of a task with more than 95 labors in a widely spread area and in a very tense security atmosphere gave us a very good experience in how to deal with several important issues simultaneously. In this project, 50 trucks were transporting gravel from factory to trans-load area at ECP4, camp Liberty. 20 Trucks with 3 loaders were reloading the gravel and transporting it to more than 37 locations. At the same time, labors plus graders were spreading and grading the gravel in each location. Our managers at the scene were able to extract experiences and useful instructions out of each day activity and use them next day.

Project: Aggregate Fill Project 1/1 Mechanized Bn (National Police) Headquarters

Contract Number: W91GET-06-M-1392

Project Location:1-1 Mech Bn HHC, Located vicinity Old Kuwait Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq

Contracting Office/Owner: MAJ Gill

Contract Duration: One month

Contract Start Date: May 13th

Contract Completion Date: Current

Project Description:Providing 1,300 cubic meters dirt fill, labor and machinery capable of filling, 320 standing seven foot HESCO barriers, 40- 4 foot barriers and one swimming. Additionally, this contact calls for terrain grading of the East, North and South side of the compound area up to 75 meters from the barrier walls.

Experience Narrative:We have a team of cleaning land area before any other job can be done. This team includes F/E loaders, Grader, Dump Truck plus labors.

We present a full design of the project and will obtain approval before we do any work on the project. Full design includes all assessments, drawings, specifications, scheduling and time table.

Past Performance Narrative: Recommendation from different US Army commanders in last 3 years is a proof of our capabilities and commitments. Some of these recommendations are attached.

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